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Prozac , Buy generic Prozac

Prozac , Buy generic Prozac

At SEL Construction, we are well aware of how important your home or property is to your life and your pocketbook! It may very well be the largest investment you’ll ever make and you need to put that investment to work. Through SEL’s research over the past several years with our design and facilitation of solar and roofing installations, we know that on average, a solar system that isn’t designed correctly and well maintained can show up to a 30% reduction in the production of energy. Additionally, roofing systems that aren’t installed properly or lack routine maintenance often have voided manufacturer’s warranties. Because of this, we have developed low cost annual maintenance programs for our clients that can be custom fit to every situation and almost any budget. With SEL, we simply have you covered from the ground up!

Jayson Lehmann


With ten years of experience in the alternative energy industry, I have taken on more responsibility with every step or wall that has come my way.  The opportunity to troubleshoot a particular customer’s needs, no matter the type of property, keeps my drive strong.  The fulfillment of the entire process is summed up by sitting with the client, watching their meter spin backwards, and seeing their first negative utility bill.  This is achieved by educating our customers through SEL’s sales process which includes proper designing, detailed scope of work, and walking the customer through how (and how much) the system will produce.  We do all of this while keeping in mind the owner’s and property’s well-being.

The opportunities to be “Sustainable” through “Efficiency” of “Living” are endless and necessary.  Technology for power and our dependency on it grows stronger each day.  I am grateful and appreciative of each day I get to help an individual better the lives of their family and the efficiency of their home.

Nick Huppe

Director Of Sales

Growing up in Loomis has taught me to treat my neighbors and community like family.  This is a quality I try to bring to work every day when dealing with existing and potential clients.  Creating the mentality of “a small town is like a big family” is strived for with our existing SEL customers.

After graduating from Del Oro, I went on to Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo for two years.  I then spent two years at Cal Poly, and transferred to CSU Sacramento where I received my BA.  After graduation, I became passionate about the solar industry.  It felt like a great fit after realizing I could, not only save people money every month, but also reduce our carbon footprint.

Now I have been in the solar industry for 3 years working my way from a Sales Consultant to the Director of Sales here at SEL.  One of the most important qualities instilled in our sales team is honesty.  We are a “straight to the point” sales force and promise you understand all aspects of your investment before you decide to go solar.  After all, we are constantly striving to make you apart of the SEL family.

Custom System Solutions

SEL provides a completely custom solution for your residential or commercial solar energy installation. Our low-cost annual programs help extend the life of your installation and absolutely maximize the investment that you’ve made including safeguarding manufacturer’s warranties and extending the lifespan and use of your property.

The Benefits of Maintenance

From quarterly on-site servicing of all installed components, solar panel washing, gutter system cleaning, flashing inspections, monthly status reports and more, our energy maintenance programs and roofing system maintenance programs are fully-comprehensive, low cost and backed by a company that you can trust to design an innovative, custom solution.

We Maximize Your Investment

Extending the lifespan of your home or your commercial property, safeguarding manufacturer’s warranties and building a custom and low cost solution to maximize the large investment you’ve made in your home or commercial building is our top priority. Maximizing your investment isn’t something we just say, it’s something we DO.

Prozac , Buy generic Prozac

Experience. Technology. Expertise. Whether you are in the market for an energy consultation,  solar power, electrical design, maintenance facilitation or more, the skilled SEL Construction team of residential home service experts can show you just how easy it is to maximize the investment you’ve made in your home or property.


  • Over 35 Years of Combined Experience
  • Comprehensive Services for the Life of Your Home or Property
  • Electrical and Energy Consultations
  • Energy Permit Design and Facilitation
  • Electrical and Energy Maintenance Design & Facilitation
  • Garage Electrical Design
  • Construction Troubleshooting
  • Annual Low-Cost Maintenance for Solar, Roofing or Electrical Systems


Listen to what our customers say about SEL Construction and see how we can help you!

“SEL Construction is truly a full-service company when it comes to increasing the value of your home. With a solar project and a maintenance program for our roof, SEL was with us every step of the way and Jayson Lehmann, the CEO, is a hands-on owner who actually cares. He provides AMAZING support with quick response times.”

John Levin – Santa Cruz, CA

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