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Clean, safe and totally reliable, solar is the world’s most abundant power source. It’s also affordable, a fantastic investment and great for the planet. Why go solar? At Sel Construction, we like to say WHY NOT!?!


If you own a home or business, we think you should control your own power. After all, controlling your own power means significantly reducing or even eliminating your costs. In this day and age, who doesn’t want to save money and maximize their investment? More importantly, it means you’ll be making a difference in our world and doing some good for the environment.


We’ve been working in the solar industry long enough to understand the importance of renewable energy and we truly believe in helping our customers gain energy independence. That’s why we make it our number one priority to design, engineer, permit, install and maintain the most reliable, affordable, efficient and innovative solar electric systems available today!

SEL Construction is a local, full-service, solar electrical contractor and as a team, we settle for nothing less than perfection when it comes to every project we work on, no matter the size or scope. From a tiny single-family home to one that’s mansion-size, or from a duplex to a large scale apartment complex or school, you can count on the SEL team to have the experience and skill your solar energy project deserves. As a local company with local installers and quick response times for any of your needs, we are here for you day and night and we know the meaning of true customer service. In fact, we live and breathe solar, but your satisfaction is really at the core of everything we do.


If you’re ready to get serious about solar, lock in your rates and you’ll be paying less than what you pay now in no time at all. The reality is, controlling your own power and going solar doesn’t ever mean you have to strip your pockets bare to do it. The cost of solar is at an all-time low and our professional staff can discuss all of the various pros and cons associated with each financing option we have available to our customers. From zero-down, no-cost loans and leases to low interest financing, SEL Construction has the right solution for your pocketbook and your budget. Solar saves thousands and we want to show you how easy and affordable it really is.

  • Full-service solar power solutions for any size project
  • Free site and property consultations
  • Custom solar system design
  • Site and Cost analysis
  • Permitting
  • System monitoring
  • Solar panel maintenance & support
  • Warranties
  • Financing
  • Exceptional customer service
  • A dedicated project team including project managers
  • Energy efficiency consulting

Buy Prozac online europe, Buy Prozac online nz